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Real emergency

Real emergency care.


Fully equipped.

Trained and experienced doctors with in-house lab and imaging equipment.


Caring is
our Calling.

Exceptional Emergency Room in Amarillo, Texas


Less wait.
More care.

Now an emergency room in Amarillo, Texas that puts patients first.


We provide full-service medical care by physicians who are trained and experienced in the emergency room.

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We offer a convenient way to pay your bill through our partnership with 360 Medical Billing Solutions.

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In network with the BSA provider network, offering lower negotiated rates.

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Emergency room exceptional ER on Soncy ER now Amarillo

Your Best Choice for Emergency Care

Emergency Room in Amarillo

When choosing where to go for an emergency, you want fast ER care by trained physicians at an emergency room that is equipped with medical technology and experienced staff of doctors and nurses. You can expect this and more when you visit the ER on Soncy. We have the fast, friendly, and full-service exceptional emergency room care you need when it matters most. We proudly serve the Amarillo and Canyon areas.

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Rapid COVID-19 Testing Now Available

Exceptional Emergency Care In Amarillo, Texas

Your #1 Choice in Emergency Centers

The ER on Soncy is a local free-standing emergency room located off of 1-40 on the northwest corner of Soncy and Legend. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our trained emergency room doctors are experienced in diagnosing and treating patients to provide the urgent care they need. With short wait times, advanced imaging and radiology equipment, and an on-site laboratory, at The ER on Soncy you can expect exceptional emergency room care.

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24 Hours a Day

Full-Service Emergency Medical Attention

The ER on Soncy is a freestanding, 24-hour emergency room in Amarillo equipped to handle your medical emergencies. We have on-site radiology, CT Scanner, Ultrasound, Xray, lab, cardiac monitoring, and acute resuscitation capabilities.

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  • Treat & Diagnose Illnesses and Symptoms – Feeling sick and not yourself? We can treat your illness from fever, migraines, bronchitis, vomiting, and abdominal pain to name a few. 
  • In-House Laboratory – With our in-house lab equipment, we can get your results faster from blood work, cultures, urinalysis, and more. 
  • Imaging – We have X-ray equipment, CT Scanner, and Ultrasound, our ER now can help you get answers faster. 
  • Cardiology – If you are experiencing chest pain, high blood pressure, or a stroke. We have all cardiac monitoring diagnostic equipment on site for a fast diagnosis.  
  • Injury Care for Children and Adults – We treat injuries of all kinds – Burns, Sports Injuries, Concussions, Broken Bones, Animal Bites, Dislocations, Back Pain, Falls, and more. 
  • OB/GYN Emergencies – If you are experiencing pain, infection, or other health matters that require emergency treatment, we can help. 

Real Emergency Physicians. Real Emergency Care.

The Technology of a Modern Hospital Emergency Room, Without the Wait.

The ER on Soncy is staffed with residency-trained emergency physicians that live right here in Amarillo. They saw a need here: to get people seen quickly; and they did just that. The doctors at the ER on Soncy care about the growing Amarillo community, and most importantly, they care about you.

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Questions about Insurance or billing?

The ER on Soncy is in-network with the BSA provider network, offering lower negotiated rates. It is important that you understand your insurance benefits. Our friendly team can help you if you have questions about our fees and billing. 

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What if I need to be admitted to the hospital?

The ER on Soncy has transfer agreements with the local hospitals if you need to be admitted to the hospital. We will arrange and coordinate the admission process for you.

How is a freestanding ER different than an Urgent Care?

Unlike urgent care centers, freestanding ERs (like the ER on Soncy) are open 24/7/365 and equipped and staffed to handle medical emergencies like a traditional ER. The ER on Soncy is staffed with exceptional residency-trained emergency physicians, and have on-site radiology, lab, cardiac monitoring, and acute resuscitation capabilities.

What Insurances Does the ER on Soncy Accept?

We will process your insurance for your emergency visit. Unfortunately, due to federal regulations we are unable to accept medicaid, medicare and tricare.

What if I don't have insurance?

All patients presenting to the ER receive a medical screening exam. We will not refuse patient treatment in the event of a life-threatening situation, regardless of the ability to pay.

Per Senate Bill 425, which took effect Sept 1st, 2015, House Bill 3276, which took effect Sept 1st, 2017, and House Bill 2041, which took effect Sept 1st, 2019, and relates to health care information provided by
and notice of fees charged by Freestanding Emergency Medical Care facility, we are required to post a sign stating: Per Senate Bill 2038, Freestanding ERs are required to publicly share testing charges or vaccinations for an infectious disease when a state of disaster has been declared.

Proudly Serving Amarillo and Canyon

Exceptional Care. Minimal to No Wait Times.

Please feel free to come by and meet a friendly group of people willing to work hard to meet your medical emergency needs. The ER on Soncy can treat you now.

Located off of 1-40 on the northwest corner of Soncy and Legend

3530 S. Soncy Road
Amarillo, TX 79119 
(806) 340-0608 


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