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As summer winds down, it’s time to prepare for the back to school season. Once kids go back to school, they get sick easily. They develop cold, flu, and come home with scraped knees or fractures. Sometimes, this can make the whole family sick.

Since every parent’s priority is the health of their kids, it is good to develop new habits for the entire family to prevent such illnesses. To prevent your kids from diseases, you should develop new eating habits, a bedtime routine, and reduce screen time.

Here are some tips to keep your family healthy for back to school:

Teach Your Kids about Proper Hand Washing

Appropriate hand washing is one of the most essential ways to avoid the spread of germs and diseases both at school and at home. Teach your kids to wash their hands after; blowing their nose, using the washroom, playing outside, and before eating. This will prevent them from getting sick and infecting others at school and at home.

Set a New Sleeping Routine

Enough sleep is vital for the well-being of your kids. Set a good sleeping routine to ensure your kids get enough sleep. Reduce their screen time so that they are able to sleep properly. Sleep helps both the physical and emotional well-being of your kids. It can also affect their school performance.

Eat Healthy Meals

Right from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, your family should always eat a balanced diet. Eating properly will prevent diseases. Plan meals with fewer sugars, and avoid high calories and saturated fats. If possible, avoid processed and fast foods and cook the right meals by yourself.

Also, do not allow your kids to skip meals especially breakfast. Breakfast gives enough energy to your kids and help them concentrate better in school. Pack nutritious lunch too for kids to carry to school.

Choose the Right School Backpack

Today’s school backpacks are always loaded. Using the wrong backpack can lead to back and shoulder pain to your kids. A good school backpack should;

  • Be light. Let your kids carry only what is necessary

  • Have wide padded shoulder straps. The cushioning on the straps prevents pinching of the shoulder muscles.

  • Be worn with both straps. This will help distribute weight equally on both shoulders, prevent poor posture habits and one side shoulder pain.

  • Have tight straps to balance the backpack load easily and avoid back pains.

  1. Exercise

Being active is crucial for the well-being of your family. Engaging in physical activities will prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity and it will help your kids have stronger muscles. Encourage your kids to remain active by; joining a sports team in school, walking them to school, riding bikes together after school, walking the dog, playing and dancing.

By following these tips, it is easy to keep your family healthy for back to school. And in the case of an emergency, we will be happy to take care of you at the ER on Soncy, where Caring is our Calling. Our facility is the only freestanding, full-service, 24 hour ER in the Amarillo area which is also in-network with BSA. Remember, a healthy family is a happy family.