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  • Am I Overheated?

    Am I Overheated?

    As we move into warmer weather this summer, especially in the hot, dry climate of the Texas Panhandle, it’s important to be on the lookout for signs of overheating. Here are three levels of bodily overheating and their symptoms to help you understand the risks and when you should get to a nearby ER for

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  • How Are Urgent Care Centers and Free Standing ERs Different?

    How Are Urgent Care Centers and Free Standing ERs Different?

    The mix of options available to patients today is greater than ever before, and one of the newest options to appear on the scene is the freestanding ER. Urgent care centers have been around a little longer, but even they (in their modern form) are somewhat new. The natural question arises as to what the

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  • Signs of a Broken Bone

    Signs of a Broken Bone

    Broken bones always need to be treated by medical professionals, but it can sometimes be difficult to know if a bone is really broken or not. The following guide walks you through a few tips to identify if you have actually broken a bone.   Examine Injured Area First and foremost, examine the injured area

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  • What To Do For A Poison Victim

    What To Do For A Poison Victim

    Poisoning is often caused by accidental exposure to a harmful substance, such as cleaning products, medications, small button-cell batteries, poisonous plants, and gases. Immediate first aid is vital in a poison emergency as it can save the victim’s life before seeking medical assistance.   Sometimes overdose of medications that seem safe can actually be dangerous.

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